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To tackle the ever-growing problem of liars lying fruitfully because the time it takes to realise they lied, it's too late.

To tackle the ever-growing disruptions by peddlers of fake news where damage cannot be undone.

To tackle the ever-growing number of people not taking responsibility of their own decisions and victims fallen from the repercussions are helpless.

A mistake is government involvement for a level playing field because the more they do, the worse it gets.

People should feel the sense of agency for taking a decision and WiKiDecisions will make the sense of ownership of it real for a decision taker.

Up the ante of public power by inclusion and collaboration of everyone and everything. This public tool self-perpetuate to original decision takers. WiKiDecisions put decision takers on notice that their decisions are curated and their sense of ownership of the decision is real.

Liverpool, UK

Home of legendary “dockers” and “footie”.

Incubated in Sensor City, WiKiDecisions is located at the centre of the University districts of Liverpool.


There is nothing permanent except change.”

Heraclitus didn't see this coming. “When a decision is taken, the person who took it, owns it, permanently.” Change is another new decision. In fairness, in his days, people forget to remember the decision taker anyway like we still do today.

WiKiDecisions turns the sense of ownership of a decision by the decision taker into reality for them.